GLOBE Claritas agent

Through a representation agreement, AmsterdamPG is proud to provide Sales, Marketing and Technical Support for GLOBE Claritas Seismic Processing software in Western Europe. The growing global network of enthusiastic Sales personnel means you can interact with real people and discuss what your business needs.  

GLOBE Claritas is the established software choice to enhance your seismic processing capabilities. It has been developed for over 20 years to match the needs of the industry every step of the way.

Experienced Support personnel help you manage and beat your deadlines with clear guidance, comprehensive tutorials, online forums, and valuable video content.

Using GLOBE Claritas you can add in your own code (in C, Python or FORTRAN) and create your own modules seamlessly. Use the tools (and your geophysical knowledge) to create entirely new workflows and processes.

GLOBE Claritas offers a tailor-made solution to suit your unique needs, but will keep giving you that perfect fit by growing as your business grows. This is achieved through cutting-edge Cloud services, flexible licensing schemes, routine training cycles and regular content updates.

Get in touch with us to find out how GLOBE Claritas can help you connect build grow.